The Long Goodbye

The long goodbyeIndia doesn’t seem to want to let us go. Perhaps she is not done with us yet. We were scheduled to fly out last night at 1:45am. Heavy fog rolled into Delhi and we sat on the runway for the next 8 hours hoping for some clarity. 8 hours…yes, you read that right. We then had to deplane, for the crew had reached their working hour limit. We were herded onto a bus for an hour ride to a hotel, where we spent the next 8 hours tossing and turning, trying to catch a wink. Then, back on the bus to the airport.

We are now back at the airport, waiting and hoping to fly in a few hours. Wish us luck because I am not sure I can handle the cycle all over again. India…we’ve been good to you, it’s time to let us go home!

UPDATE: You will never believe this travel horror story. It is now at the point of comedy (that is, if it’s not happening to you!).

So last time I posted, we were back at the airport for the second time waiting for our flight. After hours of waiting, our flight was canceled, we were asked to get back on the buses and taken back to hotels. Many people did not get a room until 5 am (having been at the airport since 8pm). It was so mishandled. A complete mess. We bailed, jumped in a cab and headed back to our own hotel. We were at our breaking point and that bus ride would have sent us over the edge.

The next morning, back to the airport for the third time. Our boarding time came and went and we were all standing there wondering what was going one…that is when the crowd turned angry. Everyone started flipping out, demanding that we board and finally, we were allowed on the plane. When we finally took off (two hours late), waves of relief rippled through the plane.

We arrived in Amsterdam late last night, were put up in a hotel and now I am waiting for my flight to Boston.

Recap; my original flight was to board at midnight on January 1st and I was to get home midday on the 2nd. It is now the 4th. I am still wearing the same clothes.

Once I get to Providence, I might never leave home again!

9 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye

  1. Michelle Shopped

    intuitively, what i thought after seeing the photo you chose for this and the writing you did, i would say perhaps it's because there is an unexpected miracle that you're on the brink of…godspeed and safe journey…

  2. mayaluna

    I've been on holiday, and have just returned to more of your glorious posts on India! Thank you for sharing your journey, your amazing photos, and the beautiful reason you traveled there.Absolutely INCREDIBLE, Christine! Your visit coupled with my mother and sister's has heightened my awareness of India so much.

  3. Karen Hintze

    Christine – What absolutely lovely photos and commentary from your trip to India. Vijay just sent me the link to your blog and it was very much appreciated. Welcome Home and Thanks for the Memories.

    Karen Hintze
    Complete Travel Service


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