Happy New Year

The TajIt is an odd feeling to wake up to the New Year knowing that all of my friends and family in the States are just beginning their celebration. Let me give you a sneak peek at 2010…it’s fabulous, as I sit here with Delhi belly and a wicked head cold that I picked up in Agra! I would love to say that we rang in the new year with a lively party, but truth be told…I was in bed by 10, drugged up on cold meds. We did have a rousing silly string fight in our hotel room, which lasted for about 2 seconds. The clean-up, on the other hand, lasted a good half-an-hour. Happy New Year to that! Agra village portraitAs we ring in 2010 and gaze at the great unknown of this year ahead, I can’t help but reflect back on 2009, a year of joy, pain, growth, change and adventure. It was the year that we lost our pregnancy and experienced an unimaginable grief. It was the year that my writing career began to flourish. It was the year in which we traveled extensively, around the States and internationally. It was the year that I attended Squam (twice!) and met “my people.” It was the year that we moved into our new house, a place that, after all of our moves, truly feels like home. All in all…it was quite a year. But then again, isn’t every year?
City Palace, Jaipur That is why it is so exciting to stand on the threshold of this coming year. We can only guess the wonder and magic that are in store for all of us…if we remain open to it.Bathing on the steps, UdaipurSo let’s toast to 2010…to new adventures, new challenges, new friendships. Thank you all for being a part of my life, for taking the time to visit me here over the past year. I can’t wait for you to join me in this new year, just one more hour now!
Mom and her fan club!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Liz

    Happy New Year from a new reader. I've so enjoyed reading about your amazing trip and looking at your gorgeous photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them here!!

  2. Swirly

    Happy New Year! I am so happy our paths crossed in 2009 and I appreciate you sharing your journey to India with us. Looking forward to seeing where you go in 2010.

  3. cindi

    Hope you will feel better soon. Thank you for sharing your year with your readers. I almost feel like I visited India with you. Great photos, as always.

  4. Alice

    I think you are right to say that we must remain open to life unfolding as it should. I hope for much magic and wonder for you, and for us 🙂 Happy New Year!


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