I like to have a strategy when I pack for a major trip. I start a few days before we leave, lay out all of my clothing in groups, make a list of the accessories I will need and then begin. I am a little nervous about packing for India…my nerves stem from that age old question of what-to-wear? I don’t want to scream “gaudy American tourist,” but I also don’t want to look like I am trying too hard.So the name of the packing game is ‘tunic.’ Gauzy, detailed pieces that look perfect with skirts, leggings and pants.
I ran my theory by my husband (who lived in India and has traveled around extensively and could potentially be a gold mine of information) and he merely shrugged…”Looks fine to me.” Thank you for your insight, oh wise one.
I guess I am on my own here!

4 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Brittany

    Hey, girl.

    I've been following your blog for a while and love that you are about to go to India! I have some advice…I lived there for two years.

    Those tunics are perfect. I wore them with jeans or slacks nearly everyday. Usually a little longer than hip length or about mid-thigh length. Comfy, sturdy shoes are a must.

    Just FYI…you'll want to buy some clothes there. Buying beautiful, colorful fabric and having the tailor stitch you up a salwar kameez or a kurti (a tunic) in an hour that fits you to a tee is the best thing ever!

    Enjoy! Tell the subcontinent that I miss it!


  2. Kimm Branch

    love your husband's comment…so insightful. you have great style, you will look beautiful whatever you take. don't worry just enjoy.

    can't wait to see the photos and all the colors of india. you are taking some amazing shots. there was a great pbs show, can't remember the name, but i think it was independent lens or something like that great show with photos from india. would be really great for you to see. amazing color…


  3. jeanine

    girl. you are one of the most stylish people i know and i just know you are going to rock those tunics. eeeek. departure date soon approaching. you must be so excited.


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