I must copy Elizabeth here and start my post with a “sigh” because really, how else do you sum up the most perfect of getaways? Montreal was just that…perfect. Shall I take you on a journey of the highlights?Escaping a near-death, one-way street driving incident with Elizabeth, and arriving at Jeanine’s house. The most cozy, colorful and welcoming of abodes.
Discovering the joy that came from the easy company of my traveling companions.Settling into the funky corner cafe where we brought our computers, plugged in and worked together in quiet comfort.Agreeing that vegan/vegetarian food can and should be both healthy and delicious. Pausing for a midday coffee break at a sweet cafe, complete with rustic sacks of fragrantly roasted beans and the perfect cappuccino.Uncovering my new-found love of photography, a gift (from the lovely Jeanine) that will keep on giving.Sigh…back home in Providence now feeling completely satisfied.

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