Breaking Through

A few months after starting this blog, I bought my first camera, a simple Canon point-and-shoot. I had never been much of a photographer. In fact, I had traveled to incredible destinations (New Zealand, Paris, Kenya, Ghana, Spain) without ever taking a picture. It’s enough to make me cry now! After a year of my point-and-shoot, I began feeling disappointed in my photography skills. I knew the shots that I wanted to take, but I could never get my camera to cooperate. I believed that this was my fault, that I lacked the skills the be a good photographer.

But this trip has changed everything. Jeanine gave me her camera, a few simple instructions and sent me off into the world. I spent an hour wondering the streets, soaking in the details through my lens. I discovered that I can take great pictures, I just needed the right equipment. Something inside of me has broken open and I feel this creative energy pulsing through my every fiber. I can’t wait to upgrade my own camera and begin growing as a photographer. This has been a great trip, indeed. A starting point…

4 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Christine Chitnis

    Thank you ladies…and Kellie, to answer your question; Jeanine has a Canon EOS Rebel XSi and all of these shots were taken with Canon Normal EF 50mm f/1.8 II Autofocus Lens.

    BOOM, that was a whole lotta jargon there. I just ordered that camera, which is why it is on the tip of my tongue!


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