From Blogs to Books

I know, I know…this is getting to be like a portfolio of my work (not my intention), but I wanted to share my latest SewHip! article with you because I think you will enjoy the contents. I had the pleasure of interviewing crafting luminaries Amy Karol, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Alicia Paulson and Jane Brocket for an article discussing the path from blogger to published author!

I don’t normally do this, but I know this magazine is very hard to find in the States… so I will post images of the article here for your enjoyment (if you click on the images, they should enlarge so that you can read it). If you have the chance, definitely pick yourself up a copy. This issue has some great projects and a lovely feature on the French General’s fabric line! Not to mention the fact that it is so important to support high-quality craft magazines right now since business is not exactly booming in the magazine industry.

2 thoughts on “From Blogs to Books

  1. mayaluna

    Please don't apologize for sharing your achievements! This is the place to toot your horn, and we who follow certainly want to toot along with you! Congratulations on another wonderful article, Christine.


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