Welcome To The House of Woolly Wonders

Wow…so this was not a project for the faint of heart. First, I spent about five hours making over 50 pompoms, then I had to tie them all onto the wreath, which took another couple of hours. It was a long endeavor, my goodness. But I think that it looks adorable hanging on our door! What do you think…does it say “Here lives a festive crafter?” or “Welcome to the scary house where woolly wonders come to die?” I can’t wait to see what my husband thinks, that is, if he even notices it. He is not the most observant guy when it comes to my various home improvements!
Here is a picture of the wreath that I used. I found it at the Salvation Army for 89 cents, which means that the entire cost of the project was less than a dollar since all of the other supplies came from my stash! It was pretty hilarious because as I was waiting in line, trying to hide my hideous selection, a lady stopped me and asked, “Ooh, were did you find that, it’s fantastic.” Hmmm?

6 thoughts on “Welcome To The House of Woolly Wonders

  1. mary

    Christine…i love it! I think that it just screams fun!
    Anyone crossing your threshold will know this is the home of someone creative with a sense of humor too!
    Years ago a friend gave me a wreath just like the one you used as the base. I have it hanging in my cellar..but this project might just give it a new life. Not sure i have the patience for so many pom poms tho. Especially with a long list of hats and scarves to knit for Xmas!
    Happy Thanksgiving a few days early!

  2. Enchantedmama

    Of course I love this, its made from yarn. What's not to love? Oh, okay not everyone is crazy for yarn or craftiness but I say, “Go for it!” Hang that crafty self out there for everyone to see.

    I have got to make one of those. Then we can “mitchy-match” all the way across the country.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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