Sew Liberated Gift Swap

I have been challenging myself lately to get more involved with the craft community. One incredibly fun way to do this, is to join swaps. Besides the ongoing journal swap that I am participating in, I also signed up for Sew Liberated’s Holiday Traditions Exchange. I love the idea of swapping traditions, instead of just gifts, because it moves us away from thinking of the holidays in terms of materialism and consumerism. Speaking of…I can’t wait to show you some of the handmade gifts that I have made for Christmas this year…I am striving for an entirely handmade holiday!
Anyway, here is the package that I put together for my swap partner. I made her a few linen trees from this tutorial, and on the back of the vintage postcards, there is a recipe and a tradition. I shared a tradition that my mom started…I call it the “Little Big Box.”

Every year at Christmas, my mom and I exchange one large box. Inside, there are lots of small gifts that we collected for each other throughout the year. They are all pretty inexpensive, so it is not the cost that makes them so valuable, rather the thought that was put into each one. They might be things like special soaps we found at our farmers market, trinkets we picked up while traveling, miniatures for our printers box collection…but every little thing has a story behind it, a reason for being included. It is a fun way to show that we were on each others minds throughout the year.

It all comes down to this…it’s less about the stuff and more about the thought!

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