PomPom Madness

Do you ever stop in the middle of a project, look around at the mess you’ve made and just start laughing? I had a moment like that last night after making 40 pompoms by hand. Why? Why would anyone in their right mind make 40 pompoms? Good question!

I saw this adorable wreath over at Bluebird Vintage and I decided that I simply must make one. Oh, the situations I get myself into for a good craft. But isn’t that half the fun of crafting; the absurdity, obsession and perfectionism that surface when you are in the crafting trance. I was at the yarn shop recently and I overheard a couple of knitters talking. One was mentioning that she would never dream of paying over $100 for a sweater, but she would gladly spend $200 on yarn to make one (and that is not even accounting for the value of her time!)! How absurdly funny!

I am thankful for these funny little moments that make up my day. Now, enough reflecting…it’s back to the pompom sweat shop.

One thought on “PomPom Madness

  1. enchantedmama

    ooooohh, I Iove pom poms!!! Can't wait to see. Right now I am laughing/crying at the mess in my studio. I don't even have space to make a pom pom right now. maybe cleaning in order today!? maybe.
    Can't wait to see the pom pom loveliness.


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