A Melancholy Moment

This weekend I had the unbelievable pleasure of being flown down to Virginia for a story that I am covering. Although I can’t yet tell you the magazine, or the story, I can show you just how beautiful it was! Once the shoot was done (I can’t wait to show you some cool ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the photo shoot), I headed out into the Virginia countryside to check out a few wineries. I was driving, so my tasting was limited….but I was pleasantly surprised by some of the dessert wines I tried. Who knew Virginia produced such lovely wines?
Once I had my fill, I headed into Charlottesville and toured around the University of Virginia campus. It was bustling on this Sunday morning and as I had a late breakfast, I eavesdropped on the conversations around me, all revolving around the previous nights dramas. Remember the emotional intensity and energy of college? Sometimes I find myself missing that time in my life. I hate to admit it, but while I was walking through the gorgeous campus, I became misty eyed and was filled with a strong longing to return to my college, University of Colorado, for a visit. Perhaps I was missing the carefree attitude I acquired in college, or the late nights dancing through the streets with friends, tipsy on cheap champagne and the promises of the night ahead.
Before I could become too nostalgic, I happened upon a lovely bench, perfect for reading. I was deep into my latest find, Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, and as I basked in the warm afternoon sun, I found myself pulled into this story, which revolved around the aging process. I finished it on the plane last night and it left me feeling very melancholy. So here I am today, relishing this past weekend and all its beauty, but also struggling with a case of ‘melancholy Monday.’

7 thoughts on “A Melancholy Moment

  1. bluepoppy

    oh Noooooooooooo! I am so sorry for the melancholia. That's my bad for recommending the book– I just loved the writing– and for some reason, it didn't affect me that way. but am sorry that it was a downer for you .. E

  2. lisa butterworth

    i tooootally know what you mean. i feel overwhelming melancholy/nostalgia every time i'm back in santa barbara (i went to ucsb). it's amazing how strong those feelings can be and how long it can take to shake em. but your trip to VA looks beeeautiful!


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