A new gig…or three

Isn’t life funny? One week you are contemplating your personal failure, the next you are riding high. In the past few days I have taken on a few part time jobs…I am discovering that this is my favorite way of working. I like to take a few little jobs and patch them together, while still leaving time for my writing.

So here is where I am at: one to two days a week I am going to be leading farm field-trips for elementary school children at Casey Farms, a historical, organic farm located right on the ocean in Saunderstown, RI. Yesterday was my training which included tide pooling, pig wrangling, weeding and harvesting. That is my kind of work! I am also going to be teaching a few classes through a learning center here in Providence. I am in the midst of finalizing my proposals and I can’t wait to share my class topics with you…should be fun! Finally, I am going to be continuing the prospect research that I was working on earlier this year. I had been filling in for a women on maternity leave, so I thought that once she returned, my time there would be over. Turns out they are still in need of some assistance.As creative professionals I think it is important that we remain open to new opportunities that might or might not fit into our idea of the “perfect job.” I don’t think ‘farm teacher’ or ‘researcher’ necessarily align with my career goals, but each of these jobs will provide me with an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and broaden my horizons. It’s hard to say no when you think along those lines!

So I am curious… Do you ever feel like you are patching together a living? Are you open to new opportunities that don’t align with your current career goals? I guess what I am really wondering is…am I the only patch-worker out there?!

6 thoughts on “A new gig…or three

  1. Amanda Nicole

    I'm in the exact same position right now, patching together jobs while writing all the while. I've never done this before, I always had a steady full-time job or just writing, but I'm finding it rather enjoyable. I love that there are no two weeks the same, and learning new things keeps me interested. Yay for patchwork living!

  2. Samantha

    I love how you're embracing the opportunities around you!

    It's funny because my two jobs are both in the same field and I still feel like I'm making a patchwork living! When I make time for my hobbies I guess I rely on those to expand my creative vision…

  3. Swirly

    I feel like I patch together a lot of different variations on a theme. Most everything is about art and writing, but I sometimes feel like I should stick to one thing – one style, one medium, one goal. I think your jobs sound like fun!

  4. Lisa

    Yes, I feel the same way. But it all contributes to the creativity of your life which only enrichens your work…so you are not alone my friend!

  5. Michelle Shopped

    patch worker here — and i love casey farms — i'm really looking forward to providence winter's market — and i glanced at your adoption sadness — can you do anything adoption through foster care? stay dry today and keep the faith…


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