I returned from another incredible Squam weekend last night. I feel as though my feet are touching the ground after flying high for the past week.
This experience was very different for me than June’s SAW. My purposing in being there this time was to volunteer, handle the behind-the-scenes stuff and collect a few interviews for another article that I am writing. I didn’t take any classes and I didn’t even stay on campus. I stayed with Elizabeth, who, over the past few months, has become an incredible friend and confidant.I did manage to sneak into Swirly and Marisa’s class…A Book in a Day, and I made a very cool found-paper journal (pics to follow!).And I was adopted by the Summit Cabin girls…they were a wild bunch and truly elevated my entire experience (more on that later).As you can see by my pictures here, fall was definitely in the air in New Hampshire. I loved the crisp, yet sunny mornings, the beginning signs of leaves turning, mums on all the porches, fires in all the fireplaces. It all felt very cozy.
Needless to say, I am coming back incredibly rejuvenated and refreshed, but also slightly behind on a few deadlines. So that is all for now, but I have many more pictures and stories to share throughout the course of this week! It is good to be back in this space…so thanks for dropping by!

2 thoughts on “Landing…

  1. Kimm Branch

    so excited to hear about your trip. so glad that you had another great experience, i knew that you would. so sorry that i missed it. looking forward to seeing you next summer.

    welcome home.


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