I am feeling nervous just typing this…I have been hanging on to this BIG secret for over two months now. Remember this random mystery trip to New Haven, CT back in late June? Well, believe it or not, I was there to film a spot for The Today Show, which will finally air tomorrow morning at 8:09EST.

I will be sharing the story of my miscarriage…on national television… for 5 million people to see. That could explain the nerves. But when the producer called to ask me if I would be willing to share my story, I didn’t even hesitate in saying yes (they found me through this article).

I think it is so incredibly important to talk about miscarriage and the feelings of pain, grief, sadness and guilt that come along with it. I want it to be a topic people can freely talk about. I want there to be a language of understanding and comfort so that when a women shares what she has been through, no one clams up, says hurtful things or dismisses her pain. That is my goal in sharing this.

So I hope that you will tune in tomorrow and come back here to discuss the segment with me…it will also feature a doctor who runs a miscarriage support group, and the story of another women and her loss. If this can help just one person, than it was worth it…no matter if the television adds those supposed ten pounds of not!!

3 thoughts on “BIG HUGE News

  1. Kimm Branch

    wow wow wow!

    this is very exciting. i am so glad that you are doing this.

    we have also experienced the pain of miscarriage. thanks for being so open. we feel that it is so important to share too.

    thank you.

  2. Ammie

    Congratulations, and thanks for your article. We do need the support of family and friends when we go through something hard, but sometimes it is scary to imagine turning to them anyway. Thanks for the reminder that our loved ones love us.

  3. Megan

    Congrats! As you know, I'm passionate about that topic and the fact that it's important for everyone to feel they can share. Good for you in getting the word out!


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