Much Better

Thank you for all of your comments on yesterdays post. I am feeling much better today and as long as I keep taking out my frustrations on my quilt, we will have the most beautiful linens in the whole world! Really though, you guys are the best…so thoughtful and encouraging!

I always keep my Blackberry next to my bed, on my nightstand. In the mornings, I reach over and turn it on. I check my emails and if there is nothing urgent, I catch a few more minutes of sleep! This morning, an email from the ladies over at Two Talk caught my eye. Two Talk is a blog devoted to sharing pictures of these ladies charity work with SOS Children’s Villages. They asked me to get the word out about their project and I was happy to help. I get these emails on occasion from different small business’ and companies debuting new products but I don’t usually feel that they have a place on my blog. This is different.
In my ‘previous’ life, when I was single and living in Chicago, I worked in the non-profit sector, running after-school programs for low-income youth. One such job allowed me to have my summers off, and so I saved up for a trip to Africa. I went to Ghana for one month as a volunteer kindergarten teacher at an orphanage about two hours outside of Accra, the major city in Ghana. It was an incredible experience, one that will stay with me for my entire life. That picture above is me with John Peter Paul, the cutest kid in all of Ghana. This experience solidified my decision to adopt, something we will do in the very near future, and it opened my eyes to the amazing work that is being done by some of the non-profits in Africa (I volunteered with Orphan Aid Africa).
Anyway, I suppose that is why I wanted to share this new project with you. Please, click on over to check it out! At the very least, there are some beautiful images!

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