Special Guests

I have some very special guest arriving today, driving in from New Hampshire…Elizabeth and Lisa, or as I like to think of them, ‘the ladies of Squam!’ That’s what I keep telling my husband…”The Squam ladies are coming, the Squam ladies are coming!”

So of course I am tidying up the guest room, arranging everything just so… They are coming in this afternoon and leaving tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait…but, oh, what to show them? I could spend days showing newbies around Providence, my favorite town. It’s just too hard to narrow it down!My own little quilt wall…more on that later!
It’s all in the details…notice the light plate, covered in gorgeous vintage wallpaper….a Squam project, remember?

2 thoughts on “Special Guests

  1. Enchantedmama

    The Squam ladies are coming, The Squam ladies are coming…I am almost as excited as you. What fun. Great room. I love the quilts and the little pink owl by the lamp.


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