New Haven, CT

I spent yesterday in New Haven, CT working on an extra special project that I should be able to tell you about next week. Once my meeting was wrapped up…I headed in to town to wander around the Yale campus.In many ways it reminded me of the Brown campus, full of gorgeous historical buildings.
I found a raw restaurant for dinner, Ahimsa, and enjoyed zucchini fettuccine Alfredo. Not quite as rich and creamy as the real thing…but not too bad, either. I realize I have been doing a terrible job at keeping you updated on my raw diet. I guess I am finding it difficult because everything I am eating resembles mush…not exactly photographic material! I have been doing well, only cheating a few times (coffee, some salmon and a slice of bread!). I feel great, if not a bit hungry, but I am getting a bit worried about my weight. I have a pretty lanky, 5’9 frame anyway, and the pounds have been melting away since I went raw. I think if I continued on this path, I would waste away! Luckily I have entered my last week…only 6 more days, but who’s counting!

3 thoughts on “New Haven, CT

  1. wild child

    What a gorgeous campus – gosh!

    I for one would love to hear more about your raw diet. I could use some melting away of my own, for sure.

    Meg 🙂


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