Charmed I’m Sure

I am heading to Michigan tomorrow to see my family and attend a wedding. My husband will be meeting me there on Sunday for the festivities…it has been almost three weeks since I have seen him, so I can’t wait! I started packing my jewelry for the trip and realized that it looked quite beautiful laid out on my linen ironing board. Have I showed you my charm bracelet before? It is my most treasured possession (click on the pictures for a better view of each individual charm!).
Each and every charm symbolizes something in my life…there is a cross from my First Communion, the Eiffel Tower from my mother/daughter trip to Paris, a trophy from the year my lacrosse team won States, a four-leaf-clover from a family trip to Ireland, the continent of Africa from the time I spent teaching in Ghana. There is a graduation cap, diploma, love-birds with my wedding date inscribed, a door with the address of our new house. This is my scrapbook, my memory box and photo album all rolled in to one.

5 thoughts on “Charmed I’m Sure

  1. Alicia P.

    Oh, Christine . . . it's so beautiful. I'm glad you have a picture of it too.

    Thank you for the glimpse into Amelia's future. And thank you for sharing how much it meant/means to you. xo


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