Quilting in the Rain

No, I am not out in the rain quilting away like a crazy lady, but it feels like the rain is coming right in… through the windows, through the walls, through the roof. I feel like this rain will never end. We are now going on week two of this weather, and I am usually not one to be affected by the weather, but come on…enough is enough.

Anyway, I am using this “stuck-inside” weather to start working on my quilt. I have had this fabric for a while and it was waiting patiently for me to begin. I found a wonderful tutorial here and off I went with my stacked coin quilt. I have all of the ‘coins’ sewn together in five long strips, but alas, I can’t get a picture of them to save my life, not in this dreary light.
So here are the pictures that I took this weekend when I was doing all of the planning and cutting. Hopefully tomorrow we will see the sun…I am starting to forget what it looks like!

One thought on “Quilting in the Rain

  1. Knitlee

    I feel your rain pain! Here in CT everything is wet and a little more wet! Please make it stop.
    I am afraid if I stay in one place for too long I will have moss growing on me!
    I love your pink fabrics…so pretty!
    I have just started quilting and the stacked coin is on my list of to do's! I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.


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