Squam: Day One

I was lucky enough to choose Recycled Felting with Betz White as my first class at Squam Art Workshops. She unloaded a large box of thrift store sweaters that were felted, and we went to town making bags, pillow covers…really anything we wanted. I made a bag using reverse applique techniques. I ended up giving it to my mom and forgetting to take a final picture. But you get the idea, lots of color and texture.Betz could not have been sweeter, she was a total joy and such a talented, inspirational crafter. The next day my mom switched in to her class…she had a total crush on Betz’s cupcake pincushions so once she saw those, it was over! We snagged a few at the craft night, but more about that later!

2 thoughts on “Squam: Day One

  1. wild child

    Oh I love that! Except you're in trouble for no pic of the finished bag 😉 Gosh, I bet Betz White was awesome! Can't wait to hear more 🙂

    Meg 🙂


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