Hard Work

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We lazed about, watched True Blood (weirdly addictive), gardened, chased fleeing chickens and ate plenty of Indian food. Today…back to work. It was my last day on the consulting job, but I have a few assignments coming up. One that is particularly exciting.
Tomorrow evening, my mom flies in and we leave for Squam Art Workshops (SAW), an art retreat in New Hampshire started by the incredible Elizabeth MacCrellish. Last year was SAW’s first year, and it created quite a stir. I knew that I had to go this year and I managed to rope my mom in too, although it wasn’t such a hard sell! I am so excited to attend my three chosen classes, taught by Betz White, Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith and Lizzy House. At night, we will be treated to music by Jonatha Brooks, a talk by Amanda Blake Soule aka Soule Mama and a viewing of Pamela Tanner Boll’s new documentary, Who Does She Think She Is?. Talk about an all-star line-up!What makes the entire thing even more exciting? I am going on official business. I have been commissioned by an amazingly cool magazine (top secret) to write an article on the retreat, which means behind-the-scenes interviews with all of the incredible teachers. Pinch me…this is a dream job come true and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!Last years camp pictures, courtesy of Squam’s website!

One thought on “Hard Work

  1. wild child

    Way to go Christine! That is so totally awesome – how exciting! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see pics too! Have a wonderful time!

    Meg 🙂


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