New York Girls Weekend

I thought I would share some of my favorite shots of the NYC weekend…I can’t believe it was a week ago now. Where exactly did this past week go? Anyway, the picture above is me (striped shirt) and Laura (big, cool sunglasses) working our way through the Brooklyn Flea Market. We didn’t buy a thing except homemade pizza and gelato!
I thought this picture was funny, a picture of me taking pictures at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. That about sums up my garden trip…I think I managed to take pictures of every flower in the place!
This is me, my mom (right) and Mrs. T (left). We worked that National Stationary Show like it was our JOB…well, it is Mrs. T’s job, so I guess that was the whole point!
This was my favorite sign in the whole city. I think I would like to learn to ride the bike pictured. That would cause quite a stir on the streets of Providence!Finally, dishware heaven, also known as Fishers Eddy. Oh, if only I didn’t have to take the train back. I would have loaded up on cute dishes. This shop is a must if you are ever in the city. That’s it for today…Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is up next, just have to sift through a million or so photos first!

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