Garden Tour

Today started off as a dreary, overcast day and then randomly turned into a sunny, beautiful afternoon. I quickly made my way outside and got to work finishing up some gardening projects. I think the garden is ready for a little tour, although there is still much to be done, including putting up a nice cedar fence, as opposed to the ugly chained link one that is currently surrounding our yard.Anyway, the veggie beds have been built (that was a long, painfully slow process with my wimpy drill), filled to the brim with rich manure and soil, and carefully planted. The one above is filled with lettuce and a few strawberry plants. The second bed is where all my seedlings will be planted.Next, the chicken coop was built. I bought it from a lady who sells them “Ikea style,” meaning I had to put it together myself. I even brought my little ladies outside today, for the first time. They were hilarious. They huddled in the corner of their pen, refusing to move and chirping loudly to broadcast their unhappiness. Can you believe how much bigger they are…my babies are growing up!Finally, I found some free pallets behind a dumpster and used them to construct a compost bin. Now, all that is left is the planting of my second veggie bed and the construction of the fence. Once that is done, I will be sure to give you a panorama of the garden in all it’s glory!

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