Studio Tour

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed temperatures in the 90’s, if you can believe it! Most of our weekend was spent working on the yard and it is really coming along. I will have pictures soon! But for now, I wanted to take you on a little tour of my studio.

As you can see, I carved out a large work area for myself, with a double wide desk. This allows me to set up a computer station and a sewing station. I love not having to switch things around all the time. Next to my desk I have a filing cart, which also does double duty as my printing station. All of the furniture in this room is from Ikea. Although I normally like to thrift my furniture finds, I wanted to pull this room together quickly so that I could get back to work. Also, having all-white furniture lends a very calm, organized feel to the room! The poster in the corner is from Studio Violet, and the amazing hot pink frame was an Ikea find!I use this shelving to hold my fabric and yarn stashes, as well as all my crafting books and magazines. Along the top of the shelf, I have little mason jars full of buttons…organized, of course, by color! Lastly, I use large cardboard storage boxes to hold scarp fabric and hard-to-organize odds and ends!
All in all, I find my studio very calming and inspiring. There are still all kinds of things I would love to do…curtains, a huge inspiration board, a framed picture wall. But, all in due time, I guess. For now, I love spending my days in this light and color filled room dreaming and scheming my next project. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

6 thoughts on “Studio Tour

  1. Knitlee

    What a fantastic job you did! You are so organized! I love that you posted your library-I love to see what creative books people have! I think that my favorite is the poster in the hot pink frame! Thanks for letting us have a sneak peek into your warm home!

  2. Laurel

    I dream of a space like this someday once all the kids are out….not sure if that will ever happen:) theres four-one in college and one still in preschool.
    Love your beautiful blog-it inspires me.

  3. wild child

    wow – I’ve been away from blogland way too long!

    your studio is awesome! pure *studio love* for it! the colors, the organization… everything is wonderful! congrats Christine – and keep up the amazing work!

    Meg 🙂


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