Craft Time: Name Flags

My lovely cousin just had a little boy and I decided to whip up a gift that could brighten up his room! I am obsessed with my own fabric flags, so I just knew that I wanted to make him some too. I picked very fun “boy” colors and I spelled out his name in felt letters. It was a pretty quick project and the result is too cute. The finished project is on display in our living room (which I still need to tweak before I show you!).
1. Cut out the letters in felt, choose complimentary fabrics and select a bias tape to tie it all together.
2. Cut a front and back triangle for every flag. Lay out your flags in the order that you want them to hang and select the flags that will have the letters. You can either machine or hand stitch the felt letters in the center of the flag. With the right sides together, sew your flags leaving the top open so that you can turn them inside out. Before turning them inside out, trim the seam allowance and the point so that you get a nice flat edge.3. Shoo your chubby chick off the ironing board (okay, you caught me…not really a step, just a chance to show off the cutest creature alive…my chubby chick, who happens to be my favorite, shhh, don’t tell the others!)
4. Press your flags and press your bias tape in half. Pin your flags, in order, into the fold of the pressed bias tape and sew in a zig-zag stitch. Helpful hint: choose a thicker bias tape so that it is easier to press and easier to stitch!
Finished! Told you it was a quick project.

8 thoughts on “Craft Time: Name Flags

  1. Dorey

    I just happened upon your blog and just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration, such fun things to see! =)


  2. Petit Debutant

    Love the chubby chicks, my chicks are all grown up *sniff* (they’re 3m old now and don’t look like cute little chicks anymore) I’m surprised your chick didn’t leave a present on your ironing board!

  3. Felt-o-rama

    What a great idea – Especially for a boy’s room! The chickie is sooo cute. Our local old-fashioned hardware store had about 50 chicks in a cage the other day. I just had a fit of joy watching them!


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