Garden Plans

Today I am drawing up the plans for my garden…or rather, my entire backyard. I see so much possibility in this little piece of land that I call my own. I am greatly inspired by this backyard and I would like to incorporate many of the elements seen here; compost pile, rain barrels, veggie beds, wood fencing, and of course, chickens. I am very conscious of our budget and I think that I can accomplish most of this for very little, however, I think that the fencing and shrub removal will be expensive. I have my thinking cap on and I am going to see if there is anyone handy enough that I know who might want to help out for a cold beer and home cooked meal!

Before:Dreaming of this after:

2 thoughts on “Garden Plans

  1. Karin Grow

    I have chicken envy! My neighbor has had her baby chicks for about a month now, so until I have a coop of my own, I’ll be enjoying her chickens. We do however have five rain barrels and a little bee hive. My husbands starting a new urban green house business soon that will include building different chicken coop styles. Pretty soon I’ll have my own farmers market. Can’t wait. Karin

  2. Brittany


    Your blog is really cute. I love your background and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got the image or template. I really love the look and have been trying to find something similar. Thanks!



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