The Chicken Whisperer

I am in an animal-loving mood today after reading this amazing true story (passed along by my sweet mom). I guess a bit of my excitement also comes from the fact that beginning next week…I will have CHICKENS! Remember a while back I contemplated raising a few laying hens. Well, I have not been able to let the idea go and so I decided to follow my instinct and see this through. My four little Auracana chicks (above) will arrive next week and I found a great coop (below) for a steal on Craigslist. I am a bundle of nerves and I have so much to do to prepare for their arrival. But above all, I am excited to be taking another step in the right, sustainable direction.
Oh, and did I mention (in a bragging voice) that my chicks will eventually lay BABY BLUE eggs. I am already a proud parent!

3 thoughts on “The Chicken Whisperer

  1. Malena

    Yay! I’m so excited for you! They are especially fun to have as chicks. We are trying to find out where we can buy cruelty-free halal meat! and we buy cage-free eggs. 🙂 Hope you had a Happy Easter! ~Malena

  2. wild child

    Oh my gosh! You’re really doing it! Wow, I am so excited for you, and I will be so interested to hear updates about your adventure!

    And your little chicks are darling!

    Meg 🙂


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