Spring Cleaning

The one part of owning a house that is not so much fun is Spring Cleaning. And I capitalize that because it is an event, a truly large event! I am kind of wondering, do I get a year off since I just moved in and nearly broke my back putting the house together? I guess that is only for me to decide.

Anyway, while my mom was here visiting, she put her homeowner knowledge to use and helped me compile a ‘Spring Cleaning To-Do List.’Spring Cleaning To-Do List
1. Remove storm windows
2. Wash all the windows (inside and out)
3. Dust/ wash blinds and curtains
4. Wash all slipcovers and pillows
5. Sponge down all the heaters (they get SO dusty over the winter)
6. Clean out the gutters (this is a spring and fall chore)
7. Clean the fireplace
8. Put microwave and stove plates in the dishwasher (or hand wash, depending on the model)
9. Vacuum underneath appliances, especially the refrigerator coils
10. Vacuum/ clean bathroom fans and ceiling fans
11. Organize closets and put away winter clothes
12. Cleanse your house of unused items and donate them to Goodwill or The Salvation Army
13. Clean the fridge of any old food and wipe down the shelves
14. Clean out the pantry and wipe down the shelves
15. Collapse into a heap and sleep for a full week straight!

Wow, I am tired just writing that, and it doesn’t even touch on yard work!

Okay readers, wrack those brains… anything to add? By the way, to add a bit of fun to your day…enter my SPRING GIVEAWAY for your chance to win a sweet set of note cards. Just click here and leave a comment!

One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Jenell Blasl

    A lot of families do their general cleaning during autumn or spring. And it's a BIG event, so everyone should have their own checklist like this to have a successful spring cleaning day! =)


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