Flags of Flurry

So last night, in a flurry of creativity, I decided to make some fabric flags. They are perfect for jazzing up the guest room, which I haven’t shown you yet because it still needs a final coat of paint. But here is a little sneak peek! By the way, these flags were so easy and quick to make. They totally fulfilled my creative urge and I think they are a cheap, fun way to decorate a room!

5 thoughts on “Flags of Flurry

  1. Noe

    I´ve been following your blog for a while, never had the courage to leave a comment, I´m a shy blogger… but after all those before and after pictures it feels neccesary to let you know my opinion…I really love what you´re doing with your new home!! it´s beginning to look like heaven! keep it going 😀

  2. wide open spaces

    I have been wanting to make fabric flags for my sons room for some time. i love how it makes a room instantly festive. just need to find th etime to go find some cool boy fabrics. love your garland!

  3. Silence Dogood

    This is the project I have been looking for! Can I get the dimensions of the flags? Not I have all these ideas of how to use them. I think I’ll make a few different ones for my classroom for when I start teaching!


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