Thrifty Kitchen

Yesterday, I took some time off from the business of ‘work and home’ to go thrifting and did I score some goodies. Take a look… I will start with the kitchen and show you some other rooms with their thrifty goods displayed throughout the day. The house is really starting to come together (forgot what it used to look like, click here)!
The best find of the day were these measuring cups. They remind me of something Anthropologie might produce, but these are all the better because they are one-of-a-kind. How much do I love their little mustaches??
Some sweet Easter decorations for my bright, newly painted kitchen. Doesn’t that color just make the white cabinets POP?!And just to give you some perspective, here is the view from the kitchen into the entryway. Look at those bright, fresh colors. Loving it!

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Kitchen

  1. wild child

    Okay I am dying with these peeks of your house and all the AMAZING work you have been doing! Good grief Christine! I am loving it 🙂I had to comment on this post though, because the mustache measuring cups are just too cute for words, and the turquoise walls in your kitchen BLEW ME AWAY! SO COOL! (will you share the color? pretty pleeeze?)Well done Christine – WELL DONE! YAY!

  2. Christine Chitnis

    Hi ladies…thank you for the sweet comments. It is all coming together slowly but surely!Paint color: Mediterranean Harbor from Martha Stewart for Valspar (I had the color mixed in C2 lo-vo paint)Dishes: That is our lovely wedding china, which is from Kate Spade (2007).

  3. Lois0607

    Hi – I am not sure how old this post is that I am commenting on – but I was tickled to see your collection of the little chefs – I think they were pitchers maybe? Anyway, I have the matching egg cups. That moustache and the cap just grabbed me and I had to have them


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