Pooh Bear

Here is a little, tiny peek at my studio bookcase, which still needs some straightening. But look who has made his way onto my shelves. It is a Winnie the Pooh original wooden Disney bear. Can you think of anything cuter? He was always my favorite storybook character growing up. I actually slept with this cuddly Eeyore stuffed animal all the way through college. How embarrassing is that?!

Anyway, I found him at the thrift store yesterday and couldn’t pass him up. He will be perfect in our future nursery. How weird is it that I am already daydreaming about decorating a nursery and there is no baby in sight??!!

2 thoughts on “Pooh Bear

  1. Erica

    Very cute! Where did you get your bookshelf, or did you make it? I’ve seen them in Pottery Barn but of course they’re very pricey there:-)

  2. Christine Chitnis

    Hi Erica, those shelves are actually Ikea…great news for those of us that are price conscious. They are called the Expedit Bookshelves. They are a pain in the you-know-what to put together, but the finished product is wonderful!


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