Woe is Me

I just received my last copy of Domino in the mail today and I savored each page, barely believing that this would be the last issue ever.  I thought this issue (like every other one) was amazing.  I especially loved the eco-friendly house that the Domino team built in New Orleans.  I know that there were some people who had negative opinions of Domino and were not surprised when it went under, but I have loved each and every issue.  Some of the complaints were due to the cost of the decorating items that Domino featured.  True enough…there were many pieces that caught my eye that would never work on our budget…but they gave me inspiration to search Craigslist and Ebay for similarly styled pieces and test my painting and upholstering skills.

But if you want to talk about expensive…check out what back issues of Domino are going for on Ebay.  I am being pressured to sell off my collection, the argument being I could fund my entire house decorating project with the profits.  Seriously, $80 for one issue.  Who is paying that?? Ahhhh….resist temptation to sell off complete collection!
Kayte over at This Is Love Forever has a great post about the current state of magazines, and as a budding freelance writer, I completely agree with her stance.  The amount of time that I invest in all of my articles, online or in print, often warrants a larger paycheck than I receive.  She is right; kindness does not pay the bills.  Did I lose you there?  Click over to read her post! 
And finally, in case you hadn’t heard the news, Craft is closing their magazine as well.  The only good news is that they will still be producing new and original material for their website!

3 thoughts on “Woe is Me

  1. Katherine

    At least CRAFT is sort of merging back in with MAKE rather than poofing. I think it is more fun when they are interdisciplinary anyway. We’ll see how it works out.


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