Lists: Not Always a Good Thing

Are you a list maker.  I SO am.  I make a list for everything: daily to-do list, grocery list, goal list, upcoming work deadlines list.  Okay, you get the point.  So I have started making a list for our new home (above…**so sweet, huh?) and it reads a little something like this:

Furniture needs (keeping in mind our $2 budget!!):
Runner for stairs
Rugs (living, dining and bed rooms)
Floor lamp
Dining room credenza
Headboard for double bed (guest room)

Guest room quilts
Curtains (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining rooms)
Reupholster chairs (craigslist finds)
Paint credenza (picking through the trash find!)
Redo telephone bench (craigslist find)
Window seat cushions
Color wheel quilt
Pillows for couch
PAINT (every room in the house b/c I am not fond of their paint choices)
Yeah…so that should about do it.  Nothing to get stressed about here.  Nothing at all.

7 thoughts on “Lists: Not Always a Good Thing

  1. Megan

    That’s such a beautiful house. So lovely and cozy!!! I know lists can be overwhelming when you see everything at once. Remember, you don’t have to do it all in one day. Rome wasn’t built in a day…you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time…(can I think of any more sayings??) The pleasure of decorating is in the journey.

  2. Susan

    I’m a bit jealous. I live in a new colonial which means little character. Your place looks like it has character which goes a long way. I recommend you plan to paint the 2 rooms you will spend the most time in ASAP and then prioritize your list as you figure out what bugs you the most.

  3. Miss Muffin

    What a lovely house! I am SOOOOO JEALOUS! I am a listmaker, too! Really really bad. And believe me – if I would be able to move in such a beautiful place my lists would be WAY longer than yours! Really – no exaggeration here. But your lists would look like tiny itty-bitty ones compared to mine. Hope that made you feel better … but it really really is true! My husband would tell you straight away … 😦

  4. lauren

    your new home looks so cozy, quaint and humble. just like i would expect you to be!! 🙂i can’t wait to see the inside.don’t fret about the to-do list. it will all take care of itself in time.*

  5. wild child

    Oh my goodness Christine, are you even KIDDING??? Your house is absolutely gorgeous, full of character and downright ADORABLE!!! And with all your plans, not to mention your $2 budget….. girl, it’s going to be awesome 🙂 Seriously, what a lovely, lovely house. It’s going to be simply amazing. And not only filled with good design, but full of love as well 🙂Love,Meg


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