I’m Making an Effort Here

Okay, so I am trying my darnedest to get excited about this whole house project.  I have decided to start with two quilts…one for our bedroom and one for the guest bedroom.  Random musing: I am so in love with this owl fabric (see below) that I bought from Purl.  I forgot to tell you that I took a trip to NYC on Monday.  I stopped by the New York International Gift Show…wasn’t overly impressed (although Jonathan Adler and Simrin’s booths stuck out as favorites) and then made my way to Purl and ABC Home.  I bought a whole bunch of fabric for quilts and curtains.  The end (sorry, keep in mind my excitement level is still at an all-time low)!

Anyway, here is the color scheme of the quilts.  I am off to pre-wash the fabric, although I must admit I was very tempted to skip this step and dive right in.  Bad quilter.  My poor mother can attest to the fact that I am a less-than-perfect quilter.  When I was little, I used to make doll quilts galore.  I wouldn’t use a ruler or chalk or anything.  I would just cut out a bunch of different squares that seemed to be relatively the same size and hope for the best.  For the life of her, my mom couldn’t convince me to keep my squares the same size.  We shall see if I have improved at all!

6 thoughts on “I’m Making an Effort Here

  1. Megan

    I LOVE that owl fabric!!! And great choices on how everything goes together! Good for you for trying to get yourself excited no matter what. Each thing you do is a motion toward healing and content.

  2. Rayna

    I love the colors and fabrics you chose, especially the owls. Purl rarely lets me down. I just read somewhere that it’s ok not to pre-wash quilting fabrics. Once it’s done you wash it and everything shrinks up a little and gives it a soft, puckered look. I’ve never tried it, though.

  3. Cary

    Beautiful fabric- keep us posted on your progress!Oh, and you don’t have to wash that fabric- just dive right in and wash it when it’s all finished. It makes the quilt nice and rumply (is that a word?) and soft….


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