Linen Chistmas Tree Tutorial

Here is a fun and super easy tutorial to start of the day! This takes about 15 minutes…doesn’t get any quicker than that!
(follow steps clockwise starting in the upper left corner)
Step 1: Cut a wide triangle, with a rounded base.
Step 2: Machine stitch a straight line down the length of the triangle.
Step 3: Turn your triangle inside out and stuff with poly-fill or cotton.
Step 4: Pin a circle of colorful fabric to the bottom of the triangle, make sure to turn the raw sides in so that you have a finished edge. Begin to whip stitch the bottom on. Stop about an inch before you complete the bottom.
Step Five: Pour some rice or sand in the opening at the bottom (this assures your tree will stand up nicely) and finish whip stitching the bottom closed. Now add rick-rack or ribbon trim and voila…you are done. Easy as can be! These little trees like to travel in groups of two or three (I think they look cutest that way) so make sure to whip up a few more!
This is one of the vintage wooden ornaments that I found at the flea market in Vienna…love it!!

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