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Lavender and Limes reader Sarah, who also lives in Providence, asked me where I get most of my fabric. Since fabric is a subject I could wax on about for hours, I decided a round-up of my favorite fabric resources would be a fun little project! I will split this up into Providence resources, online resources and my all time favorite fabric resource!

Just a note about the joy of building your fabric stash: in my humble opinion, this is a lifelong pursuit. The best fabric stashes are those that have been lovingly collected over years and years. Much of the fabric is hand-me-down or vintage, lots of it is odd shaped scraps…but all of it is beautiful and loved. So don’t set out to collect a fabric stash overnight…just let it happen!

One more crafty tip: when you are traveling to a new city, get online and search for their best crafting/fabric stores…search craft blogs, Citysearch, magazines…anything you can get your hands on. I have discovered some of my favorite out of town stores this way!

Okay, let’s do this…

Providence (and surrounding 30 miles) Fabric Sources:
Unfortunately, Providence doesn’t really have any fabric stores. Any crafters out there interested in opening one…I would be your best customer! Here is what the area surrounding Providence has to offer.

Franklin Mill Store: The very best store that I have found in the area is about 1/2 hour from Providence in Franklin, MA. The Franklin Mill Store offers a great selection of upholstery fabrics, cotton fabrics (including Amy Butler), yarns and knitting supplies, ribbons, buttons, patterns and craft books. They carry some hard to find brands…the stuff I like…from Japan and Europe. Because it is a 30 minute drive, I would suggest waiting until you have a few projects in mind and then making the trip to stock up on supplies. However, if you are like me and have a crafting addiction, it also makes for a fun Saturday afternoon road trip for no good reason at all!

Lorraine Fabrics: Lorraine’s is located in Pawtucket, which borders Providence. Lorraine’s carries lower end brands of fabric and doesn’t really offer the name brand cottons that I like. There is a great ‘bargain floor’ where fabric remnants are marked down to incredibly low prices. This is not the greatest store, but if you are in a pinch and need some fleece, muslin, or other generic type fabrics…Lorraine’s works.

Basically, those are the two places that I go, reason being…I do quite a bit of fabric shopping online and when I am traveling. However, for a comprehensive list of all the fabric and craft stores in RI…click here. Also, for basic crafting needs, you can always try Michael’s, Joanne Fabrics or Hancock Fabrics. There is no atmosphere at these chains, but in a pinch, they do the trick.

Online Fabric Sources:

Superbuzzy: This is my all time favorite online shop. It features all Japanese products: fabric, notions, craft books and magazines…in short, it is my dream come true!

Etsy: Etsy is becoming a hot bed for up-and-coming fabric designers. The prices are great and the designs are original. Just search for fabric and see what wonderful little surprises you find! To get you started, here is one of my favorite Etsy fabric shops…good-ness.

All Time Favorite Fabric Sources:

Purl Patchwork: I first visited Purl just a month ago and blogged about it here. I fell in love the minute I walked in to their tiny, adorable shop in Soho. Although the store is small, they have everything you could ever want; incredible fabrics, hard-to-find notions, crafting books and inspirational sample projects scattered throughout the store. Right down the street from Purl Patchwork is the sister shop, Purl, which offers yarn and knitting supplies in a similarly cute environment. In addition, their blog, the purl bee, is a great source of project inspiration…I check in at least once a day! Purl also offers online shopping, so if a trip to NYC isn’t in the cards, make sure to click here.
Whew…that about does it. Make sure to comment below if you have any additional questions!

2 thoughts on “Fabric Stash

  1. sarah

    Thank you!! I will check these out. I just moved to Pvd from Los Angeles and I’m missing the fabric stores there. Online I also really like reprodepot.com.

  2. Blueberry Park

    wish this had been written a few months ago – I was in the vacinity this summer (from UK) Would have loved the opportunity to visit these gems. My family are probably quite relieved they got away with it. 🙂 Karen


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