Craft Corner Makeover

With all of the sewing and crafting that I have been doing lately, it was time to give my craft corner a bit of a face lift, as you can see by the ‘before’ photo below:The first issue that I had to address was my limited space…how could I incorporate user-friendly storage and a nice aesthetic while still leaving me room to work? I solved this problem in a few ways.

Storage: I had tons of ribbon, yarn, beads and fabric, as well as pins, needles and bobbins that needed an organized home. To create storage for yarn and fabric, I hung a canvas shoe rack on the back of the bedroom door. The pockets are great for storing everything from knitting needles to fabric scraps. Also, when I open the door, it automatically hides the rack! For smaller items, I purchased two magnetic spice racks from The Container Store and drilled them to the wall, underneath the ribbon board. These are filled with bobbins, ribbon remnants and beads. For storing thread, I bought a tailors rack, which sits behind my sewing machine and keeps all of my threads from getting tangled and jumbled!

Aesthetic: At the end of the day, I really don’t want to have to look at my sewing machine any more. To solve that problem, I whipped up a sewing machine cosy in a pretty linen fabric that compliments the fabric on the ribbon board. This allows me to leave my sewing machine out, which makes me more apt to use it, but hidden from plain site (an added bonus is that the cover keeps the dust away!). The ribbon board (see how to make one here!), with its pretty polka dotted fabric and light blue ribbon, not only looks great, but also gives me a place to stick notes and inspirational clippings!

I have to admit, a well organized craft area definitely makes crafting much more fun!

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