Ribbon Board Tutorial

I am going to wrap-up today’s posting with a fun little tutorial. I am redoing my craft area in our bedroom and this was one of my first projects in the process. I hope you find it helpful!


Pre-made canvas
Batting and fabric cut to fit the size of the canvas, plus a bit extra to fit around the side and back
Staple gun and staples
Decorative brads
Paper piercer

Step One: Place the canvas on top of the batting and fabric. The side of the fabric that you want showing should be face down. Make sure that you have enough of an edge to wrap around the side and back of the canvas.
Step Two: Using your staple gun, staple the fabric and batting to the canvas. Do this on all four side, tucking in the corners as seen below.
Step Three: When you are finished stapling, you can cut away the excess fabric and batting, just don’t cut too close to the staples. Leave at least 1/2 inch between the staples and the fabric edge.
Step Four: Begin placing your ribbon in the corner, stapling the ribbon to the back edge of the canvas once it is correctly in place. Continue placing the ribbon in a criss-cross pattern across the board, securing each end with a staple.
Step Five: At each ribbon intersection, pierce through all the fabric layers (canvas, batting, fabric) with your paper-piercer and insert a brad. Secure the brad on the backside of the canvas.
Ta-da…you have completed your ribbon board! If you want to hang your board, simply hammer a saw-tooth hook to the backside. Now for the fun part…filling your ribbon board with inspirations, clippings and other little treasures!I hope this was a clear and easy-to-follow tutorial! Please comment below with any questions or clarifications and I will make sure to respond quickly!

9 thoughts on “Ribbon Board Tutorial

  1. Shan

    I've never thought of using a brad before! What a great idea! Wonderful tutorial and love the board to pieces. I would like to invite you to share this post on The Family Memory Board Link Party. This would be perfect to link up! Enjoying your “new and improved space.” 😀

  2. ~K

    Hi Christine,
    Just made my own board, but didn't have the right size brads. What length would you recommend in order to get through all 3 layers? I doubled up my batting to make it a little thicker.


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