Prague: It’s a Kids Town

I am sorry I am late with the posting today…my timing is a bit off due to the time difference between here and the States! I thought I would do a quick little feature on all of the adorable children’s shop signs that I have seen while walking through the streets of Prague!

One thought on “Prague: It’s a Kids Town

  1. Elizabeth

    The top photo is Krtek the mole. He is a popular character in the Czech Republic. I spent my 2007 Fall semester of college in Brno, Czech Republic, about 2 hours from Prague.Isn’t it a fun place?Be sure to order Smažený sýr (Fried Cheese) and Svíčková (meal with dumplings). Svíčková means something like melted candle, because of the sauce it comes with. It has whipped cream and berries, so it is a surprisingly sweet and savory dish.Have fun. I’m so jealous!


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