Lucky Girl: Part Two

So I have been withholding a little tidbit of information because I wanted to see if it was really going to happen! Now that it is…I have to share. I am leaving for the airport in 5 hours to fly to Prague and meet up with my mom for a nine-day vacation. Six days in Prague and three days in Vienna- can you believe it!?! This was completely unexpected. Originally, it was my parents trip that they had planned with their friends, but my dad had something come up at work and he couldn’t go…so guess who is taking his place?! I will be posting while I am over there, most likely in the morning and at night, so you can expect LOTS of pictures! I am so excited I can barely stand it! If you have ever traveled to these cities, or happen to live there, I would LOVE some suggestions, by now you probably get a feel for what kind of things I like to see and do while traveling!

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