Toronto Shopping: Queen Street East

Wrapping up the Toronto trip is bittersweet, because with each post, I was able to relive the wonderful moments of the trip! But, alas, here we are with the last post!

While strolling down Queen Street East, I happened into several adorable shops, and since it seems that I have babies on the brain today, I will start with Lumiere Kids. Owner Anna-Sophia, who is as cute as a button, was raised in France and came over to Canada where she married and had her first child. Similar to this mornings story, Anna-Sophia was discouraged when she could not find cute baby designs that suited her taste, and so Lumiere Kids was born. I love her wild little storybook characters, especially the French-inspired monkeys zooming around on their little scooters!I even got a little peek into her studio…

And a glance at some upcoming projects…
Moving on down the street I came across Stemz, a beautifully arranged flower shop and of course, I had to whip out my camera and photograph the pretty displays!

So that wraps up my Toronto trip, although I have saved a few little tricks up my sleeve for a later posting! I hope you enjoyed the journey!

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