The First Ever Lavender and Limes GIVEAWAY

Hi lovely readers, I am sorry about my lack of posts. I am actually attending the Cape Cod Writers Conference this week and my schedule is packed with classes. I am hoping for a post a day for the next week. After that, back to normal…whatever that may be!

I am excited to announce the first Lavender and Limes GIVEAWAY. I am so thankful to all of you that visit me here, leave comments and support this new and exciting journey. As a token of my appreciation and to celebrate all the excitement that has been going on around here lately(Design*Sponge contest and sneak peek), I think it is high time for a giveaway. Also, I always thought that I wanted to do a giveaway when I had reached 1,000 readers, and although that has come and gone, it was a great landmark, so this is in honor of that success as well!

While I was in Kennebunkport, I did a ‘Shop Talk’ piece on an adorable store, Lavender Creek Trading Co., which specialized in all things lavender related. That is what inspired this gift! So, as seen above, the giveaway package includes: a lovely lavender herb rub, a sachet of dried lavender, a luxurious lavender soap, a pretty little dish featuring fields of lavender and a bag of Maine sea glass candy, all bundled up in a handmade (by me!) felted bowl with antique lace trim.

Now, HOW TO WIN: just leave a comment stating how you found my blog, your favorite features and what you would like to see more of! Be creative! I will pick a winner randomly next Monday night, so the posting deadline is Monday, August 25 by 10pm EST. I will announce the winner on Tuesday of next week! Make sure to leave a way for me to find you, email address or blog link!

Thanks and can’t wait to read your comments!

16 thoughts on “The First Ever Lavender and Limes GIVEAWAY

  1. Meg

    I found your blog when you commented on the same haus maus post as I did. I really like the shop talk, and would like to see more diy projects and book reviews. Keep up the great work!

  2. Stephanie

    I found your blog on Decor8. I thought Lavender and Limes was going to be a foodie blog. I love that you find places I haven’t discovered after living here all my life. I try to live like a tourist and enjoy the wonders of New England when I get a chance . You help me do just that. Please keep posting about Providence. Many people don’t realize how many treasures this city holds!email:

  3. ZenCrafter

    I came over from mayamade, and I love your photos. As a crafter, I’d like to see more of your handmade loveliness, such as the handmade felted container from this post–it’s beautiful! And any and all antiquing photos/tips/finds!!


    I was going thru my blogger profile and was checking all the ones that blog from RI. I like the plug of local places that you can visit and please continue featuring Sponge.Have a great day!

  5. Carrie

    Morning! I found your blog via Design Sponge. I am addicted to so many blogs lately but only have a handful bookmarked – yours being one of them. I am so suprised how many talented people are out there that are willing to share their finds and insights. I love love love the inspiration here!

  6. bookworm

    I was googling Lavender items and your blog came up. So glad I found it! Your blog is so interesting, I’ve been reading quite a bit of it! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  7. marianne

    found your website thru a very close personal friend! I love it all! Logging on is like stopping for a cup of tea and fresh baked scone in the late afternoon for a pause that refreshes! Keep up the great work!

  8. Sarah Tone In

    I found your blog by just scrolling through a-la- next blog, next blog… It was immediately striking because of the colors, and I felt the warmth and comfort of being invited into someones cozy country home for dinner. I like the variety of posts, your beautiful pictures, but most of all the fact that it reminds me what is most important to me in life – cozy surroundings, nature and yummy food. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Tommy

    i found your blog thru my mom.i really liked the pictures of the jellyfish! i would like to see more auquarium pictures!

  10. wintermaide

    Absolutely adore your site. I found you through Decor* and I am so glad I did. We’ve been going through some struggles here and having your wonderful photographs to get lost in puts some joy back into my day. I second what the others have said about the diy projects – I am a crafter and I’m always looking for more inspiration 🙂

  11. linenslaceandlattes

    ok – I will be honest. I am new at blogging and I don’t have a clue how I found you…but..I am really really glad I did. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site and will mark it as a favorite and visit it often. Please enter me into your contest. THANkS!

  12. christina

    Found your blog from a link on decor8. Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspiration with all of us readers. The handcrafted projects are great and would like to see more of these in the future. Continued success with your blog and everything else!

  13. Suzie Button

    Hi! I found your blog while surfing through interesting looking blogs out there! Beautiful Lavender! I would love to win such a lovely prize! Thanks! I would love to see more craft ideas, you can never have enough!


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