A Whirlwind Trip: Wrap-Up

It was a sad morning as I had to say goodbye to my family and come to terms with the end of our amazing summer vacation. We had a blast and crammed so much activity into our two weeks! We explored Providence, Maine and Boston. We went hiking, kayaking, shopping, tide pooling and antiquing. We spent time chatting and reminiscing, lying on the beach reading, wandering through the New England Aquarium, and rocking out to Van Morrison during our drives. There is something about a mothers company that nothing else comes close to…I will miss her dearly as she heads back to Michigan. I took so many pictures during our trip and I wanted to share them with you, so here we go…
Here is a snapshot of our time in Maine, as marked by the old fashion signage seen around Kennebunkport…
and as seen by the amazing wildlife and plant life that we saw by the seashore and while hiking through the pristine Rachel Carson Nature Preserve (look at the lavender colored mushroom, they must have known I was coming)…

Some incredible images from the New England Aquarium…

As not to bombard you with our vacation details, I think I will wrap it up! I hope you enjoyed our vacation snapshots. I thought I would leave you with “The Wedding Cake House,” which, legend has it, was built by a man for his wife because he was shipped off to war before they could have a proper wedding. Hmmm…makes a wedding ring seem too easy!

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