Shop Talk: Lavender Creek Trading Co.

While strolling around Kennebunkport, ME yesterday, I happened upon this amazing shop, Lavender Creek Trading Co. Of course I had to go in because of the name and its relation to my beloved blog, so imagine my surprise when I found an overwhelming, yet carefully curated selection of lavender items. Soaps, lotions, sachets, dishware…all emblazoned with images of lavender. It was enough to inspire me to buy some amazing little treats for the first Lavender and Limes GIVEAWAY! Yes, you heard me, a giveaway. On Monday I will post pictures of the giveaway package and instructions on how to enter to win! Make sure to check back here on Monday!
Now more about this sweet little shop. I love that the displays were arranged by color, creating a very visually pleasing store layout. The creative use of furniture for display was also interesting- a crib in the children’s section displayed linens and stuffed animals and an old stove displayed cookbooks.

Kennebunkport suffers from a high number of cheesy tourist shops selling cheap lobster trinkets, so it is especially refreshing to find such a carefully assembled shop. Some of my favorite things: buckets of lavender to make your own sachets, adorable traveling trunks for jazzing up a child’s room, an unusual selection of marinades and rubs for creative chefs and luxurious lavender scented soaps and lotions for prettying up any bathroom!
Just a reminder: Monday will be the first day to enter the inaugural Lavender and Limes giveaway, so check back here for your chance to win!

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