Shop Talk: Frog and Toad

What first struck me about this incredible little gem of a shop, was the sheer volume of delightful treasures that the owners, Erin and Asher Schofield, are able to fit into their quaint storefront! Oh yes, do not let the size fool you. Everywhere you turn, there are carefully arranged vignettes and gorgeous home goods placed in such a way that you suddenly cannot imagine your home without that item! I love going here for unique and special hostess gifts (not to mention gifts for myself!). Another fun thing about Frog and Toad is that many of their displays are arranged by color, which make for lovely shopping!
I ended up buying one of these cheerful, metal water bottles. I told myself it was a necessity because plastic water bottles leach harmful chemicals. However, this may be a sign of a larger problem- If I am to cover all the cute stores in this area, what is to stop me from treating myself to a little something at every store along the way….? Hmmm, yes we do seem to have a problem here!
A few of my favorite things: the gorgeous scarves and shawls strewn about the shop, the great selection of Dash and Albert rugs, the Scrabble letter magnets (my husband is nerdy enough to play online Scrabble every night- no seriously), and all of the lovely bath products from Rhode Island Soapworks.
If you live in the area, Frog and Toad is a must-shop destination, so please be sure to stop by!

Frog and Toad

795 Hope Street
Providence, RI

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